Thursday, 3 April 2008


Ahlrighty! Here are some piece that I'm working on for my thesis. I made a design for the T-shirt with a mass load of help from my awesome old roomie Kiem Vu!!! who is an amazing Graphic Designer! This image is just my design put on top of some random image of guy with t-shirt to see how it looks like.

Yup, so the Tees are gonna be front and back having Puu the penguin chasing after Boro the robot. It makes it look like it's going across the tee sideways so you feel like you're walking along the same direction with two character's chasing eachother. Unique eh? yeap, that was Kiem's idea! Honestly, I couldn't have pulled out this Tee's design to look as successful as this without Kiem's help. SUCCESSION 200% FUUUUU~~~!!!! I gotta say, teamwork is awesome!!!!!

So now, I gotta go take it to the Tee printing company to get em printed out and ready to sell it for thesis show!! It usually takes 2 weeks for Tee printing company to get it printed out, so I'm barely on the safe line to make it for thesis show. Phew....

Ok, back to work! laterz!