Tuesday, 19 May 2009

reflected on pond-ering (明鏡止水)

I always thought that the artist who comes up with work of art was amazing... but what's great isn't artists. It's the world that's great. I guess we artist simplify that according to our perception of the world. It's communication between viewer and the perception of artist. It's kinda interesting how it's viewers who create ranking of what's better than others of which perception is better than others.

Belated B-day present (奥義・画竜点睛)

birthday present... that's super belated. It's for my master Rin Aiello.
It's really been a while since I touched photoshop once again to finish this piece. I had the urge to work on this piece a little further since my friend Yuri suggested something about my work. He told me that if I were to bring in some textures into my work, it would bring out some depth. It really did! I think...
but I only realized that only brought me closer to what my master has already realized in her work long time ago. Ah well, I guess I still have a long way to go... but that's alright, I can work harder as long as I know I'm not good enough.
Anyways, Happy B-day Rin. (super belated)