Sunday, 3 February 2013

Paradaizu Day パラ大豆ディ

February 3rd is a Setsubun-no-hi (Bean Throwing Ceremony day) in Japan. It's festival that you throw handful of beans to Oni(demon/ogre) to drive away bad spirits and bad luck away. The day before that, I chatted with hampty-dampty77 and realized that Setsubun-no-hi was on the next day. It all started when I mistyped Paradise as Paradaizu. Daizu means beans. パラ大豆. Coincidentally, or by fate, today was the Setsubun day so I decided to throw some bean to the demon. But there aren't anybody with demon mask so I drew a demon on a rice with Spicy hot sriracha sauce and decided to throw some natto (fermented beans) on it.

So here it goes! Oni face on a rice! 
 And okame natto 
and now, I shall mix the natto.
and here it goes. I'm throwing (pouring) on top of little oni
the Oni got me.... Sriracha sauce I drew oni with was spicier than I have anticipated.

Well, fun time that was. This is all thanks to fun chat with hampty-dampty77 
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