Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Reflection of High and Mighty Colored Mirror

With the guilt from lack of post I've done since I started this blog, I'm posting the recent sketch I did for my character drawing. ('~') I'm thinking of using this guy for my comic/manga I'm thinking of starting.... in a few more upcoming years... (<.<) I randomly started drawing after listening and getting inspired to the song "Mirror" from "High and Mighty Color". That's my self proclaimed theme song I've given for this story! mwahaha. I'll be coloring this drawing with Adobe Illustrator. Drawing with vector has soaked into me since I started working for Carters. Maybe I'll give some gradient if I get to it...

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Daily life in Carters

Surprising to see that there are quite a numbers of Ringling grads working here. Not all the people are from Ringling, some are from SCAD, ACA, and etc. Working here for 2 months as an intern, I can see definite talent that these artists have. I'm working my way up to be up at where they're at! :D

This is some quick drawing I did of how it's like with each cubical (triadical???) thing in Carter's. Although Theresa and Lauren in this drawing is working in real life.... (this drawing is done in a way to show their personality). Lauren is a helpful cubical neighbor and Theresa is cool neighbor who has her own pace. I'm just struggling as an intern... haha

I did this drawing for tiny farewell drawing for cubical group on where I used to sit. Now I sit next to two other guys which are Jermaine and Rolon. I'll have to draw for them since Jermaine requested it for his drawing to be done. :D

New place to live and part of my life

I haven't updated in a while so here's some part of my life just to fill in some blanks... (._.)

Here's my desk where I spend time chatting with friends and waste time surfing through the net.

Ikea's lamp. It was so weird I had to buy it!

Ikea has some unique lamps and for cheap!

Here' s my chef at my house. The incredible CURRY PENGUIN!!! If I don't make my curry the right way, he takes his chef knife and chases me with it.

If you were wondering what was scattered on the floor, I'm building a model kit. This is my favorite mobile suit, Wing Zero Custom.

It's taking me quite a while to finish this model kit since I'm carving off the extra chipped part with exacto knife where I nipped it off from the set. It's just what I do for model kit that I want it to look neat when it's finished.

This mobile suit appears in one of my favorite show Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing has deep story involving political dilemma to one's reason to fight as a soldier. The main character Heero Yuy who is also the pilot to this mobile suit has some guts that I look up to. From few shows I've seen, this is probably one of the best show that has existed. Plus, all the Gundams that comes out in Gundam Wing is aesthetically amazing!