Saturday, 23 August 2008

Daily life in Carters

Surprising to see that there are quite a numbers of Ringling grads working here. Not all the people are from Ringling, some are from SCAD, ACA, and etc. Working here for 2 months as an intern, I can see definite talent that these artists have. I'm working my way up to be up at where they're at! :D

This is some quick drawing I did of how it's like with each cubical (triadical???) thing in Carter's. Although Theresa and Lauren in this drawing is working in real life.... (this drawing is done in a way to show their personality). Lauren is a helpful cubical neighbor and Theresa is cool neighbor who has her own pace. I'm just struggling as an intern... haha

I did this drawing for tiny farewell drawing for cubical group on where I used to sit. Now I sit next to two other guys which are Jermaine and Rolon. I'll have to draw for them since Jermaine requested it for his drawing to be done. :D

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Rin said...

That's adorable! :D

We have similar desks at my office! :3 You look like you are REALLY CONCENTRATING HARD!