Wednesday, 6 March 2013

picture book pages 1 and 2

Well, there are some things you can get accomplished 
if you know there are someone out there that maybe
looking for stuff like this.
I made this character out of whim, 
made a story and is MAYBE waited by someone to be seen.
already having an audience does help me keep going.
That's for sure.
I dunno, but here are some pages for it.
More to be posted soon. 
So some of you may wonder why page 1 was white background
but 2nd page is red and blue.
I really don't know why.
change of scenery.
..... yeah sorry, I don't have any answers for that.
I did what I wanted.
Well then, time to get to sleep.

Quote of the day:
There is no such thing as to how to do it.
It's just a matter of doing it or not doing it.
- S. K.

Monday, 4 March 2013

I'm here and alive

Well, since I haven't updated anything for like a year almost, 
here's one thing.
Boy this is old stuff.
Those little guys must be annoyed that I'm really behind with
creating their stories for them to actually come to life.
Not to worry little Puu, and ????(brown penguin)
I'm writing your story next.
as for ???(girl penguin reading book)....
well, I think you might have to wait a bit.
This picture actually does depict the situation I just mentioned now that I think of it....
ahaha...ha...ha... sorry....
I just have too many projects at once.
I need to stop fooling around.
and more than anything, 
I need to stop making excuses.
oh hey, I think I came up with another story,
ok, see you laters.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Paradaizu Day パラ大豆ディ

February 3rd is a Setsubun-no-hi (Bean Throwing Ceremony day) in Japan. It's festival that you throw handful of beans to Oni(demon/ogre) to drive away bad spirits and bad luck away. The day before that, I chatted with hampty-dampty77 and realized that Setsubun-no-hi was on the next day. It all started when I mistyped Paradise as Paradaizu. Daizu means beans. パラ大豆. Coincidentally, or by fate, today was the Setsubun day so I decided to throw some bean to the demon. But there aren't anybody with demon mask so I drew a demon on a rice with Spicy hot sriracha sauce and decided to throw some natto (fermented beans) on it.

So here it goes! Oni face on a rice! 
 And okame natto 
and now, I shall mix the natto.
and here it goes. I'm throwing (pouring) on top of little oni
the Oni got me.... Sriracha sauce I drew oni with was spicier than I have anticipated.

Well, fun time that was. This is all thanks to fun chat with hampty-dampty77 
I actually bought a an item from her ebay store. You all should try and look into her store if you're looking for any goods from Japan.
She's an awesome ebay seller!

She has large selection of goods and handles shipping very very carefully.
Very thorough with her communication (and it's better if you speak Japanese) and handles shipping professionally.
Online shopping is just awesome.
hampty-dampty77 is even more awesome.