Monday, 4 March 2013

I'm here and alive

Well, since I haven't updated anything for like a year almost, 
here's one thing.
Boy this is old stuff.
Those little guys must be annoyed that I'm really behind with
creating their stories for them to actually come to life.
Not to worry little Puu, and ????(brown penguin)
I'm writing your story next.
as for ???(girl penguin reading book)....
well, I think you might have to wait a bit.
This picture actually does depict the situation I just mentioned now that I think of it....
ahaha...ha...ha... sorry....
I just have too many projects at once.
I need to stop fooling around.
and more than anything, 
I need to stop making excuses.
oh hey, I think I came up with another story,
ok, see you laters.

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