Saturday, 21 February 2009

On a fireflying Land

Update - 30% Done
Remaining Process - Shape retouch and Photoshop effect

(P.S. I am still alive)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Journey

I guess it's almost time for me to pack up. Internship has ended and freelance extra work is about to be over soon...
Working at a corporate as an intern for 6 month, plus freelancing gave me some opportunity to know how corporate worked. It's just a part of the huge body.


Not just one person's ability, but to function well in a versatile manner for the company is what keeps the company healthy and wealthy. If one organ doesn't function well as an organ, the body would want to replace it with one that functions well. Healthy company keeps themselves real healthy like that, which may sound cruel but makes logical sense. Each role has it's own task and it's responsibility. It's not all that fun if you write down list of task and responsibility but once I became a part of it, it was pretty exciting for the fact I was functioning as a necessary organ of the company. 

I guess the luxury I was able to gain by working in the company is the joy of being useful to somebody and being able to make my own living out of it. Thanks Carter's Company!

Almost half of life as a human is spent at our work so I might as well find something I like. Time to start my new journey.