Saturday, 22 March 2008

1st post!!!

Hi! this is going to be my first post on this blog since I made this account... took forever for me to actually post something up here but.... I was able to finally managed myself in posting up my work!!! ... sorry for those who I told I was gonna post it like a century ago... well, it took a century but here are my posts!

Ahem, so those are children's book pages I'm working on for my senior project. I'm doing 28 pages with title and cover for the children's book .... geez, so much work to do... ahhh, gotta get back.... ok! seeya!! I'll be back soon posting more of my work!

...btw, those works are still in progress... it still needs fixation with value structure in some part... I realized that after I posted it.... ._. please feel free to crit my pieces.


Kate Dwiggins said...

I stalked you down! very cute--I love how young and soft the feel of these pieces is!

Keita Kazo said...

Kate> haha! Awesome! I'm glad you liked it! Yup, cute is my concentration. Yeah, I try to keep it soft so it doesn't jump into children's eyes.

Arrolynn said...

Hi Keita! Puu is so cute...he really makes me happy. You did a great job!