Sunday, 14 September 2008

No one can predict the tomorrow

Something I've photoshoped from scanned drawing I did a long time ago... if this summer counts as long time ago that is... This is a drawing I did when I was thinking of friends I'm leaving behind in Sarasota. All the Ringling colleagues... I wonder how they're doing now... Once in a while it's good to think back of old days I had with dear friends. Well, I don't have that many friends, but that's why they are valuable to me. Thanks everyone, for who have concern of me, who cares about me.

I'm off to new life tomorrow... saying that makes it sound like it's big deal but it's nothing but a same routine of chronological order. Different Mindset brings new perspective to life. Living for someone else as well as yourself is what's important. That's what I come to realize recently. This world is not only a place for myself but for others as well. I'm just a part of it. Then why not, lets do something to contribute a little happiness to the others. I'll be creating more stories with these little guys having little bits and pieces of everyone I know. Good and bad, both of 'em.


Arrolynn said...

Hey Keita,

Very nice piece. I've always loved your style, especially those clouds! You own those clouds. Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...


CWolfe said...

Super cute Keita!

Sorrentino said...

this is amazing! Robots are way to fun to paint! hope all is well!