Friday, 16 May 2008

Carter's Internship

Jaws droppage! Carter's flew me up to Atlanta last friday and I got a phone call from them afterwards that I got an internship with them! This month basically has been the most hectic in my life, I would think... I had senior thesis show, graduation, getting kicked out of the dorm the day after graduation, moving into new apartment, first interview ever, and the internship notice! now, it's matter of finding new place to live in Atlanta and surviving in Carter's... Hopefully I can ride through the current that's delivered by Carter's... So here I am, repacking my stuff I've unpacked in my new apartment... (-_-) But hey, I ain't gonna complain since Carter's gave me a new start on my career. Thank you Carter's! I guess I have enough time since I told them I'm going to start the internship on June 9th. Hopefully, all works out fine.... (>_<)