Sunday, 25 July 2010

Penplex (Penguin Apartment Complex)

Somewhere in this planet is a place known as Penplex (Penguin Apartment Complex). Either an outcast animals from the society or being too smart to be surrounded by humans choose to live here. It's such a peaceful and quiet place for ones to stay. The founder of this building was from outer space, giving the right for those wandering ones to live quietly on their own on this planet.

Who are those founders you ask? Well, one is our alien friend Puu. He's the blue fellow who's opening his Japanese Plum Soda-pop at the front of the apartment entrance. The other one is sitting right next to him drinking Blue Explosion Soda-pop, and the one who is sitting inside reading a romance literature book. What's their name you ask? Maybe you'll know when they choose to show themselves to the public. They told me to keep their names a secret until they choose to reveal themselves to the children of this planet. ;)


Rin said...

Awesome!!! >u< It's adorable!!! I like how you included your line work in this. :) It works really well I think!! All the details are so fun and cute and the colors are perfect. :D Puu and ??? look so chill hanging out on the steps~

Keita Kazo said...

Yeah, this one I was just experimenting with linework and the photoshop painting and the usual stuff I do. I also worked in RGB instead of CMYK. Colors actually glow in RGB since it doesn't think in a way how it's gonna look after it's printed on paper. I love working in RGB!