Sunday, 3 April 2011

Houston Ballet Poster and Flyer


This is a poster I made for The Japan-America Society of Houston. Volunteering work it is.
People from ballet dancing and gymnastics gathered to raise fund for recovery from earthquake/tsunami disaster that occurred in Japan.
I talked to my friend Yuri who is a graphic designer and we both agreed that I put too much text and made it too big after the project was done.
There was nothing I could do about putting tons of text in it since that's what client wanted but I could've made the font smaller... at least for the Poster.....
I still need training.....
It's been a while since I pulled all nighter to finish a project since I took the project at a bad timing. Next time, I'll make sure I'll take project where I can have more time to.... at least sleep. Ok, I'm writing too much and I'm getting bored by my own writing. Heading to bed. zzzzz

Adding to that, I made a typographical mistake on the website to go purchase. Luckily, I made in time to fix and to have it resent to the printer (I think). I needed to check from 3rd person point of view to see if all the info was correct but.... deadline was on press to the extreme and I didn't get to do that since this was overnight work. I know that sounds like a lame excuse but it was really tough trying to keep myself awake for 2 days without sleep. This project really pushed me to limits with many things and now I know what to do and don'ts when it comes to taking a project.

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