Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Kumon Summer Class Illustration

Volunteering work again. But this is for Kumon and not for Japan America Association.
Chronologically, I did these drawings for Kumon first and did the Dancing for Hope Poster second, but chroNONlogically, I posted this afterwards.
Those are drawings that goes along with email that is to be sent out to notify parents about summer classes during the summer to imprison and torture kids with loads of worksheets and homeworks.... ahem excuse me..... to improve skills with Reading and Math (and Japanese also). Hopefully, director of Kumon didn't read that part....
Well, to be honest, that's how I felt when I used to go to this Kumon as a student during middle school and high school....
But now I'm teaching here and I am realizing how important learning was...
and also confused by myself that I am teaching at a place where I absolutely shunned in going during my school years. I guess I'm here to fix my problem that I had long time ago.
Thanks to the director of Kumon Hideko Fujiwara, I was able to improve my math skills during middle and high school, and gave me an experience to teach by giving me a job as a Kumon tutor. So as a thank you, I volunteered in doing this for her.
This Kumon here in memorial drive in Houston is really one of important pivot in my life.
One thing I need to learn is writing in a proper English, darn it!

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